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For our last lesson of the summer we're wrapping up the Entrepreneur Badge. Play games with us to learn how to perfect your sales pitch. We have a couple more challenges for you to try so you can earn this final badge. Check it out!

Lesson from Wednesday, July 29th 2020.


It's our final week of Greenbush Virtual Summer Camp! This week we're earning the Entrepreneur Badge by learning about what makes a business tick, starting with advertising. Are you ready to quiz your knowledge of logos, mascots, jingles, pricing, and more? Watch the video below and find out how savvy you really are!

Lesson from Monday, July 27th 2020.


Now that we're packed and ready, let's learn about all the adventures we can have outside! In day 2 of the Adventurer Badge we explore boats, fishing, and how to search for animals through tracks and scat. Whether you're testing items to see if they float or designing your own yard game, there's lots of challenges to inspire your wild side! Check it out!!

Lesson from Wednesday, July 22nd 2020.


Adventure Week is here!! Every good trek starts with a well thought out plan. Join us as we prepare for our next journey, whether that's through the park for a day or surviving in the wild for a weekend. Wander ON!

Lesson from Monday, July 20th 2020.


We're keeping the creative juices flowing with these awesome challenges. Make mystery music and turn trash into treasure to earn your Creator Badge today! We also include recipes and ingredient lists for everything we made this week.

Lesson from Wednesday, July 15th 2020.


Calling all creative campers! This week's camp is all about using everyday, house-hold items to get inspired. From science experiments to food sculptures, check out the video below for fun challenge ideas to earn your Creator Badge!

Lesson from Monday, July 13th 2020.


Our world Travelers continue their adventure with lessons on food, art, music, clothing, and more! These videos are packed with awesome challenges for Travelers of allyou won't want to miss. Watch now!

Lessons from Wednesday, July 8th 2020.


We're kicking off July Virtual Summer Camps with our Traveler Badge. Our Jr. travelers explore begin exploring the world this week with languages and snacks! For the older travelers, we discover calligraphy and land formations. Check out the videos below for lots of challenges to earn your Traveler Badge!

Lessons from Monday, July 6th 2020.


June Badges

Observer Badge continues as we explore ways to "look" without our eyes! We learn to rely on our other senses through blind-folded challenges, frog calls, and more.

Lesson from Wednesday, June 24th 2020.


We're wrapping up our June camps this week with the Observer Badge. Join us to learn how our eyes and brain can sometimes work together to trick us. Find faces in nature and pictures in the sky. Then try your hand at creating your own illusions!

Lesson from Monday, June 22nd 2020.


Builder Badge continues with the sessions below! Our Jrs leave the country side to head into to town to learn about city planning and PARKS. Older Builders discover lots of ways to improve the things we build by making them stronger, prettier, and more useful.

Lesson from Wednesday, June 17th 2020.


We're grabbing our tools for Builder Badge this week! Our Jr. Builders discuss building shelters by looking at examples from our animals friends. Our older Builders learn about the steps that prepare us to build anything like planning, getting inspired, and prototyping. Check them out!

Lesson from Monday, June 15th 2020.


We continue with our Collector Badge as we learn about crazy collections, coins, and keeping our caches clean. Watch now to find new challenges for completing this week's badge!

Lesson from Wednesday, June 10th 2020.


Week 2 of Summer Camp begins the Collector Badge! Monday we learned about creatures, both natural and mythical, that collect. Discover new ways to collect and the titles of those who do!

Lesson from Monday, June 8th 2020.


We're wrapping up our first week of Summer Camp with the Green Thumb Badge! Our Wednesday session is full of buggie-based challenges for earning your badge. Check it out! 

Lesson from Wednesday, June 3rd 2020.


Our first week of camp is here! Check out the video below to learn all about growing your Green Thumb!

Lesson from Monday, June 1st 2020.

For additional challenges for the Green Thumb Badge relating to our Monday sessions, watch this video now!

Lesson from Monday, June 1st 2020.